"Shrinking Ink focusses on laser removal of unwanted tattoos. The protocols require anywhere from 5 to 15 treatments spaced several weeks apart, and we guarantee confidentiality.

What Shrinking Ink offers clients is the opportunity to privately remove something that is no longer meaningful to them - or prevents them from being seen in the way they would like to be seen. SI essentially assists in the process of meaningful personal change, and does that without judgement." ~ Doctor S. ~ Director

"I am so very happy I have found you! Your clinic is lovely, professional and spotless!! Mostly you are so lovely and kind!" ~S.B.~

"Really an awesome experience. I am so excited to move along and stop trying to cover up a few of my tattoos. Knowledgeable, helpful and really cares about what she does. Though it did hurt, the procedure is quick and she provided very good instructions and supplies for after treatment care. I would absolutely recommend Shrinking Ink if you want to get rid of tattoos you arent happy with, face your fears and go for it!"

~ K.W. ~

"I have to say thank you again for a wonderful first experience. I had zero pain and discomfort yesterday and none this morning either. "

~M.C. ~

"Shrinking Inks is professional and has a great understanding of how skin reacts to tattoo removal and how skin repairs itself. You can trust her to provide the best possible outcome. Working with her was a pleasure - the most friendly and radiant tattoo removalist out there… probably the only one you will look forward to going to see! "

~ C.T.~

"Amazing experience!! I would recommend Shrinking Ink to anyone in need of tattoo removal."