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Shrinking Ink was created as an exciting way to serve the growing Sea To Sky community. We are a locally owned and operated small business, and our aim is to offer our clients a boutique experience. We want to be your first choice not simply because we are local, but rather because of the exceptional service you will receive, and our personalized attention to you. Our aim is to bring you the right blend of clean, modern, and no-fuss.

We love unexpected hellos, and aim to make your experience a fun and exciting one. What we do is serious work, but what it symbolizes is quite exciting for many people. Essentially we offer “meaningful personal change”, and we offer it without judgement. So if you have unwanted tattoos you have grown tired of, or certain pieces which make you feel uncomfortable in any way, talk to us about your options.

On a more personal level, the face behind the business is usually wearing a big smile, and is often happily engaged in the very simple things in life. She is an introvert at heart yet happy go lucky. Although well-accomplished, and lettered, she is an unassuming doctor, doting parent, and devoted spouse. When asked for her social media accounts it is not uncommon to hear “Face- what direction? Linked- forever? You- are kidding me right? Pin- the tail ...” In her spare time she enjoys reading non-fiction books, and is a huge fan of documentaries. She also loves logic puzzles and is still hoping to improve her chess skills.

You can usually find her tucked away playing on a Scrabble App, pondering her next DIY project, studying the French gestalt & German trait stroke methods of handwriting analysis, or with her head down in a biography about someone who’s maybe more interesting to learn about.

If you would prefer to connect virtually, "Like" our Facebook Business Page, or give us a call so we can continue the conversation. You can also follow us on Twitter or visit our Instagram Page to see more photos.

You've arrived at the right place to receive competent, compassionate care by a seasoned medical professional. The only sure way to convince you of this is to meet face to face so we can discuss your specific needs; and offer a solution personalized just for you. We've answered our most frequently asked questions simply for your convenience. The next step is to schedule your free consultation to find out more about us, and why we do what we do.

“Often we are too slow to recognize
how much and in what ways
we can assist each other
through sharing expertise
and knowledge”

~ Arthur Owen ~